Minimium order quantity: 10 PCS MIXED STYLES


I'm Hanna. I'm a third culture kid raised between Zimbabwe and Poland. I'm the founder of The Pleasant Escape and the creative mind behind all the designs, logos, styles and changes.
Whether The Pleasant Escape is an escape from something or towards something lies solely on your interpretation. In the end nothing is more true than one of the biggest clichés in the world: the only things that really count in life are the pleasant moments.

it all began WITH...

Italiology and my love for Italy. As an architect and art historian by profession Italy has always been a source of inspiration through the ages and remains one today. After my studies I began working with my parents in our family run firm and after 10 years of working together and gathering experiences I changed the family business into Italiology and later into The Pleasant Escape.

The way you interpret the escape is yours only, but we want it to be pleasant.
Fueled by my gut feel, love of beauty, inspired by the Mediterranean culture and with dedication to make clothes that stand out, in 2020 I started an unexpected journey. What followed was a year of trial and error. I created lots of designs, some of them great, I made countless mistakes, learned the hard way what is unacceptable and bit by bit refined my goals.
Now, after thousands of completed orders, hundreds of happy clients my goal is to grow a B2B network to make The Pleasant Escape designs available to more people. If you'd like to offer our products to your customers join our community.